Wednesday, 27 May 2015

WORK: Beautiful Denim - NYO

One of our latest campaign projects for NYO , And I loved the endresult so much, had to share! 
Click to see all pictures, and I wish u a worry free, joyful day! 

Photography: V6A Grayson Viceisza & Brett Russel Model: Fleur Maree - Art Direction & Production: KWD / Kyrsten Waller Diemont 

Monday, 11 May 2015

KIDS FASHION: let me introduce you to little me.

Good morning lovely people, Let me introduce you to My lovely little sister Faith. She is My little bundle of joy in this life. I would love to share her joy with you. She was so fun to shoot, I swear i didn't tell her to pose someway or stand someway or smile someway, she just did it. 

She was so proud to be in the pictures, it made her glow even more, we did this post in 5 minutes. after this she ran to her mother and showed her what the pictures looked like. Faith liked her outfit so much because it was just like mine that day, check it out here. I also put a little Chanel lipstick for her, You should have seen her face haha!

I really enjoy not being in the pictures this time, I think I will do this more often! I would love to know if you guys liked this kind of post with kids fashion instead of me al the time haha. these pictures made me smile every time I see them, Let this post just brighten up your day! & please share this joy with your friends & family.  

With love,  Faith & Kyrsten

Top: H&M 
Leggings: H&M 
Glitter skate Sneakers: Vans off the wall
Bag: Big sisters Chanel Boy bag

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Macramé & Salt water pools

Writing this blogpost while smelling pasta coming from the kitchen... hmmm yeah food.. food is all I can think about right now.. 

Oh yeah about this bikini well, I shot this bikini while enjoying a typical day at the pool. I prefer beach But this was a salt water pool so yeah kinda gave a salt water feeling there. I Especially love the top of this bikini, the Macrame gives the bikini the right amount of edge you need! along with the cool aztec print going on, you will be up and ready for the classic bohemian trend going on right now.

If you didn't read my previous blogpost,  A little reminder " Wear what you love, love what you wear!"

I am going to enjoy my pasta right now, I hope you will enjoy this blogpost. xoxo Kyrsten WD

Don't forget to check out my Instagram for upcoming bikini posts & maybe a picture of my pasta haha!

Swimsuitsforall High waisted Swimsexy bikini Getithere 
(they also have a similar onepiece available Getithere)
& 10$ Local Market sunglasses 

P-Ps: Check out the other Swimsuitsforall bikini I wore & a full story on my struggle wearing bikini's here

Photography: GraysonViceisza

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Paradise is all I need & a Gabifresh x Swimsexy bikini

I'm Very excited to share this Bikini with you. It is not only comfortable, it's trendy & pretty & has good support. to make a long story short, it just covers all the right places haha. 

For a Long time I didn't feel comfortable in bikini's or even any kind of bathing suit. Living on a Island It was a must to get over this issue. Being all nervous I just went for It, I just put on the bikini & not any bikini. I really picked the bikini I loved, not thinking about anything that wouldn't look good or what society thinks doesn't suit me. I put on what I, YES ME, wanted to wear.  And really thats all that matters, just wear what YOU want to wear & rock it! And look at me now shooting bikini blogposts for you! This doesn't mean I'm Not insecure at all but, am comfortably wearing what I love!

I want to encourage all of you ladies to just love yourself, for everybody and yes every "body" is different. Also Did you even pay attention to all the bodies walking around, did you see a body that was the same as yours? NO! Did you also know you were made in Gods image? With other words you have a body that God made especially for you! Whats not to love about that?

This bikini is a great starter for beginner bikini wearers, try it! I will also be posting 3 similar ones from Gabifresh x swimsuitsforall coming soon. 

Paradise swimsuitsforall bikini: Gabifresh X Swimsexy Getithere
Sunglasses: Quay Australia Getithere

Ps: did you know Swimsuitsforall has sizes up to E/F cups? & they ship worldwide, yes even Curacao! 

Photography: Grayson Viceisza

See full post for all bikini details.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

EVENT: International Swim Fashion Week Curacao #isfwcuracao 2015

These 3 days at International Swim Fashion Week Curacao #ISFWCuracao were great! Arriving in the Santa Barbara Beach resort lobby, there was a nice lady awaiting us to show us the way to the beach and seats. Welcomed with A glass of Moet & Chandon & little Goodies & magazines by Penha & Curaloe.

Music By Dj Sachi Lee & Stylish people awaiting the shows. 3 Days of ISFW Curacao consisted of 9 designers: 
Harlette Swimwear

Check out below what My personal Faves & toughts were on the collections & all the pretty international models. U can Also find some stylish people I captured, Maybe its you?!

I want to Thank The whole Team of #ISFWCuracao for having me. A Special thanks To Bobby Harris & John Macmullen for making this possible for me!

Ps: Due to a slight inconvenience on day 2 of ISFW, I dont have pictures of day 2. Please check out my Instagram for those pictures! 

Enjoy the pictures! xoxo KWD