Sunday, 21 June 2015

STORY: My life as a Fatherless child

My Fathers day started at Church, Most church messages today will be dedicated to the fathers. A few years ago these church messages most of the time made me sad. Because I didn't Have a Father to celebrate this day with, or to say happy fathers day to. Today Was a bit different I felt happy for all the fathers and felt proud of all the fathers that are taking their responsibility. But then I thought But what About all the people that had to experience life without a father? That still feel sad about not having a father? Who actually thinks about the fatherless? Well I Felt that I had to put this out there and talk about my experience as a fatherless child. 

This blogpost took me a while to wright and fathers day is almost over. I am going to tell you a big part of the way I experience life along with my struggles and emotions. 

Growing up without a Father felt horrible and especially rejected for me. And only the Fatherless will understand this feeling. Most of us don't Make this a serious issue because it is a common problem nowadays. It is becoming normal to not have, or know your Father. I want to really tell to all who feel rejected and angry and not wanted and especially the fatherless that It is actually a blessing not to have an earthly father. You might not understand me now, but I will tell you more about it. 

When I was 10-18 years of age I struggled a lot with the issue of Not knowing My father and especially the question why? I struggled A lot with the questions: why didn't he want to know me, was I not worth It? Was I not special enough? I also struggled with not feeling protected, It felt like I had to do everything on my own. It also felt like we have no one to look up to and on and on and on... In that period of my life I came to realize these questions were not going to help me. Indeed I had to figure It out myself. You guys might think: this doesn't sound like a blessing..

Well growing up I had the privilege to have a mother Her 3 brothers, Grandma and Grandpa. I also had the privilege to learn a lot about God in Sunday school and by watching a lot of Godly kids programs like the donut man. I remember as a kid always talking to God, about my daily life, and little things that bothered me. I remember also praying every night asking God to help me learn Get good grades and keep me wise.  I think I was 5/7 years old, and every night I would look up and see 1 bright star and talk to God and really feel and know He was right their with me. This period of my life I was 0-10 years old and lived On Curacao with the whole family. After this I moved to Holland with My mother and I had to leave the whole family. 

This is were My journey began and all the questions start popping up. Of course I got older and became more aware of things that are going on in life. I felt really alone sometimes and missed my family a lot, But then again I would talk to God and feel fine. He was always there to comfort me. 

I am 23 years old now, And the past couple of years I got to see a lot of blessings in my life. this is the part that I also realized what a blessing It was Not knowing my earthly Father. I realized That I had a Perfect and that I got the BEST father a child could ask for and even more and more and more. What I mean is, Not Having the privilege to know my earthly father in life. Draw me so close to God realizing that He was always their to be my Father. God was always their to make me feel oké even if it was not oke.  He gave me My Grandpa and my uncle as a father figure who blessed me all those years and are still blessing me now. Are you getting what I'am trying to say? 

God is there for all of you who don't have a father. He is the best Father you can have. He is the richest of them all, he knows everything, and loves you more then a earthly father could ever love you your entire life. Earthly fathers can break promises and disappoint you. Did you know God would never do that!? Who wouldn't want there daddy to be the wisest and richest and most loving person in their life. Well I have some great news for all of you, you Do have a father like that. God WANTS to be your Father. He is my Father, Happy Fathers day My Father God. 

I Hope this encouraged all who don't know or have a father out their. And please understand I didn't say it is easy to live without a father, But If you can see the blessing in the situation. It will really turn your life around. I am not saying things will get better or your problems will go away, but knowing God is always there to catch you or comfort you, makes life sure a lot more peaceful and happy. 

I also want to say to my earthly father, I don't judge you for your actions, I am not even angry for you not being there, I even love you and would really want to get to know you. But This I will leave to God and I surely know He knows whats best for me. 

Please don't hesitate to share this with all who struggle not having a father in life, Perhaps this little spark of a message will make your life shine again. 

With love Kyrsten

Friday, 19 June 2015

DIY: bedazzled shell scalloped ibiza bikini !

Dear Diamonds, It's been a while since I posted something. I am going to tell you what is keeping me busy these days. Currently I am designing For a couple of brands Including my own one! This is what is taking a lot of my time lately. But this is going to bring you guys a really amazing experience on another level! KWD's first collection is going to be mostly exclusive denims, followed by a lot more fun projects!

Back to this blogpost.. - A while back I posted a preview of a bikini I was working on. Browsing online I came across this amazing bikini bedazzled with everything from the sea but it was 300$!! So I decided to do it myself (DIY) haha. 

First I had to find the perfect Sea shells and crystals. Well you think at the beach NOT, So I went in little Chinese shop and found necklaces filled with pastel shells! BINGO, I bought like 6 necklaces and all together it only was 10$! Second step you will need a bikini: I went in my closet with bikini's and found this white scalloped bikini from H&M (any plain bikini will work). 

You will be needing:
2 Needle's (for if one gets lost)
6 Strings of shells. (or whatever you want to bedazzle with)
Fishline. (It is like a clear plastic sewing rope)
Oh of course a Bikini! & Don't forget yourself :P

Start off by Laying the beads/shells the way you would want them on the bikini. If you are satisfied with what it looks like take a picture and work from that. Then again this worked for me, and really do as works for yourself.  Place one shell on the bikini and sew it on. I used a string length of aprox 50 cm and used it till it was finished. Leave about 10 cm of string to make a knot and with what is left you sew it in the bikini till it is gone, this to make sure you don't lose any beads along the way :P. Repeat this till the bikini is filled. 

If you didn't get anything I wrote above, please follow the pictures and use your imagination! enjoy and I would love to see your end results! Please feel free to email/tag me anytime!

With Love Kyrsten

Click to see end results

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

WORK: Beautiful Denim - NYO

One of our latest campaign projects for NYO , And I loved the endresult so much, had to share! 
Click to see all pictures, and I wish u a worry free, joyful day! 

Photography: V6A Grayson Viceisza & Brett Russel Model: Fleur Maree - Art Direction & Production: KWD / Kyrsten Waller Diemont 

Monday, 11 May 2015

KIDS FASHION: let me introduce you to little me.

Good morning lovely people, Let me introduce you to My lovely little sister Faith. She is My little bundle of joy in this life. I would love to share her joy with you. She was so fun to shoot, I swear i didn't tell her to pose someway or stand someway or smile someway, she just did it. 

She was so proud to be in the pictures, it made her glow even more, we did this post in 5 minutes. after this she ran to her mother and showed her what the pictures looked like. Faith liked her outfit so much because it was just like mine that day, check it out here. I also put a little Chanel lipstick for her, You should have seen her face haha!

I really enjoy not being in the pictures this time, I think I will do this more often! I would love to know if you guys liked this kind of post with kids fashion instead of me al the time haha. these pictures made me smile every time I see them, Let this post just brighten up your day! & please share this joy with your friends & family.  

With love,  Faith & Kyrsten

Top: H&M 
Leggings: H&M 
Glitter skate Sneakers: Vans off the wall
Bag: Big sisters Chanel Boy bag

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Macramé & Salt water pools

Writing this blogpost while smelling pasta coming from the kitchen... hmmm yeah food.. food is all I can think about right now.. 

Oh yeah about this bikini well, I shot this bikini while enjoying a typical day at the pool. I prefer beach But this was a salt water pool so yeah kinda gave a salt water feeling there. I Especially love the top of this bikini, the Macrame gives the bikini the right amount of edge you need! along with the cool aztec print going on, you will be up and ready for the classic bohemian trend going on right now.

If you didn't read my previous blogpost,  A little reminder " Wear what you love, love what you wear!"

I am going to enjoy my pasta right now, I hope you will enjoy this blogpost. xoxo Kyrsten WD

Don't forget to check out my Instagram for upcoming bikini posts & maybe a picture of my pasta haha!

Swimsuitsforall High waisted Swimsexy bikini Getithere 
(they also have a similar onepiece available Getithere)
& 10$ Local Market sunglasses 

P-Ps: Check out the other Swimsuitsforall bikini I wore & a full story on my struggle wearing bikini's here

Photography: GraysonViceisza

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Paradise is all I need & a Gabifresh x Swimsexy bikini

I'm Very excited to share this Bikini with you. It is not only comfortable, it's trendy & pretty & has good support. to make a long story short, it just covers all the right places haha. 

For a Long time I didn't feel comfortable in bikini's or even any kind of bathing suit. Living on a Island It was a must to get over this issue. Being all nervous I just went for It, I just put on the bikini & not any bikini. I really picked the bikini I loved, not thinking about anything that wouldn't look good or what society thinks doesn't suit me. I put on what I, YES ME, wanted to wear.  And really thats all that matters, just wear what YOU want to wear & rock it! And look at me now shooting bikini blogposts for you! This doesn't mean I'm Not insecure at all but, am comfortably wearing what I love!

I want to encourage all of you ladies to just love yourself, for everybody and yes every "body" is different. Also Did you even pay attention to all the bodies walking around, did you see a body that was the same as yours? NO! Did you also know you were made in Gods image? With other words you have a body that God made especially for you! Whats not to love about that?

This bikini is a great starter for beginner bikini wearers, try it! I will also be posting 3 similar ones from Gabifresh x swimsuitsforall coming soon. 

Paradise swimsuitsforall bikini: Gabifresh X Swimsexy Getithere
Sunglasses: Quay Australia Getithere

Ps: did you know Swimsuitsforall has sizes up to E/F cups? & they ship worldwide, yes even Curacao! 

Photography: Grayson Viceisza

See full post for all bikini details.