Friday, 2 May 2014

EVENT: Clarins Skincare Workshop at The Yellowhouse

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The Yellowhouse Curacao Invited All to participate in the Clarins Skincare workshop by skincare specialist Tracy Purdon on Friday the 25th.  The Curacao Bloggers were specially invited to be part of this new experience. 

Getting to try out all the Clarins products was so much fun, especially the applying techniques that we all had to laugh about. One technique that really caught me was the way we have to apply facial products. Most of us just apply it on our face and rub it all over, a big "NO" for Clarins. When we apply a face cream you will have to hold your hands like you are going to give your face a "high five". Gently padding your face with your "high fived" hands. Make sure you hear the "slurp" sound while padding (this is to keep your pores open) & DO NOT rub!

We also got A demonstration of the body products. "Did you know they have a leg slimming oil?" find it here! We instantly saw results when trying Exfoliating body scrub. Scrubbing one of my arms and after put it next to the other one you can clearly see a color difference YES REALLY! (see pictures)

I Personally think everybody should follow A skincare workshop, who knows what u have been doing wrong all these years (like me). A special thanks to everybody who made me laugh that evening & don't forget to "embrace your oil" as Clarins said (because oily faces sldomely wrinkle). #xoxo #kyrstenwallerdiemont

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